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Want to get married in Scotland? Here's a handy guide to what you need to know

Dreaming of a destination wedding in Scotland? With our wealth of natural beauty, breath-taking landscapes and historical landmarks, Scotland is a stunning place to tie the knot & certainly has no shortage of amazing locations in which to get married.

If you’re planning a wedding in Scotland, here is a handy guide to what you need to know in advance:

1. To get married in Scotland you must be:

  • Aged 16 or over.

  • In an opposite sex or same sex relationship.

  • Not married or in a civil partnership with someone else.

  • Not closely related.

  • Capable of understanding what marriage means and of consenting to marriage.

2. The Legal Requirements:

You do not have to be a resident of Scotland to get married here, however, depending on the country where you do reside, you may need a Marriage Visa.

You will also need to submit a Marriage Notice to the registrar for the district where the wedding will take place, along with witness details and information about past marriages. These forms need to be submitted at least 29 days before your wedding, and not more than 3 months before it. The general recommendation is to submit the notice 10 to 12 weeks in advance.

If you’re having a religious or belief ceremony you must also collect the marriage schedule from the registrar. This is the document that you will sign during your ceremony and will be available to pick up from seven days before your wedding date. You must then return the form to the registrar within three days of your marriage.

These forms and more information can be found here mygov.scot/getting-married.

3. ID Requirements:

Scotland requires that you both have your genuine birth certificates or an adoption certificate, passports or other identity documents. You will also need to provide a certificate from your country of residence stating that there is no impediment to you getting married.

Additionally, you will need to know the birth names of your parents and their names and relationship status when you were born.

4. What type of wedding ceremony can we have?

In Scotland, you can have a civil ceremony which can take place in a registration office or anywhere agreed to with the registrar (except religious premises). Alternatively, you can have a religious or belief ceremony that can take place anywhere by someone approved to conduct a ceremony.

5. How much does getting married in Scotland cost?

The cost of a civil ceremony starts at around £125 which includes £55 for the solemnisation of a civil marriage, £30 per person to give notice of your marriage and £10 for a marriage certificate. There are additional charges to book a room at the registration office to accommodate more than just you and your two witnesses or to hire an authorised registrar to conduct the ceremony at another wedding venue. There may also be additional religious service costs determined by the individual places of worship and extra charges for things like the organist’s fee.

6. Can you get married anywhere in Scotland?

Pretty much! You can get married outdoors anywhere in Scotland and you don’t need to be under a fixed structure, as in other parts of the UK. From glens to mountain tops and rugged beaches, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to romantic outdoor venues!

7. What time of day can I get married in Scotland?

You can marry at any time of the day in Scotland. Just make sure you check your desired time with your officiant, especially if it’s very late at night or early in the morning!

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