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Should I Hire a Wedding Planner? My Top 5 Reasons Why I Think You Should...

This can be a question which haunts the thoughts of many a newly engaged couple! Should I hire a wedding planner? Can I afford a wedding planner?

When perhaps the question is rather, can I afford not to hire a wedding planner?

After all, you’re arranging the biggest party of your life, juggling multiple different suppliers, managing a budget and reviewing supplier contracts…..it can very quickly become overwhelming and feel like your spinning out of control!

And that’s were a professional and experienced wedding planner can be worth their weight in gold and, contrary to popular belief, they can be essential in actually saving you money in the long run.

Here’s a quick rundown of MY TOP 5 REASONS why you'll want to consider adding a wedding planner to your list of essential wedding suppliers.

1. They will save you money:

A wedding planner will work with you from day one to set your budget and then manage this budget to make sure it is met. This is so important and a step many couples just don’t get around to doing, after all there are so many more exciting decisions to be made!

Many couples also just don’t know what the realistic costs associated with wedding services are ....and why would you? But a wedding planner will and they will be able to guide you in your decisions and help you to make the most of your budget. They will identify what aspects of your wedding are most important to you and in what areas your money can be spent more wisely.

2. They will save you time and stress:

The average wedding takes around 200-300 hours to plan and even if you are opting for a small guest list you will still have to go through many of the same planning aspects as you would for a larger wedding and it may take just as long to plan.

Finding the time to fit this in around full-time jobs and busy lifestyles can be a real issue and bring with it a lot of stress, worry and sleepless nights.

There’s a reason wedding planning has been voted the 7th most stressful life event in the UK! Enlisting the services of a professional wedding planner will remove the majority of this work from your shoulders and all that stress and anxiety with it, allowing you to actually enjoy your engagement.

3. Provide invaluable expertise:

They are the experts when it comes to all things Weddings! They will be connected to the best local venues and have a list of suppliers that they already know and trust to deliver your celebration. A planner will also be experienced in reviewing supplier contracts and know what they should and should not include.

That expertise will also help make that wedding of your dreams a reality! Maybe you have a specific vision in mind and don’t know how to achieve it, or perhaps you don’t know where to start in narrowing down your ideas. A wedding planner will work with you to help you realise your vision and deliver this for you on the day.

4. You’re Having a Destination Wedding:

Whether you’re getting married in a different city or a different country, hiring a wedding planner is almost a necessity for a destination wedding. As well as being familiar with the local area and having contacts with local suppliers and venues, they will also be able to keep you right when it comes to navigating the legal requirements for getting married in your chosen country.

Their local knowledge will also be a huge benefit when it comes to your guest experience, helping to arrange hotel accommodation, creating welcome baskets, providing maps and directions and things to do in the local area.

5. Make sure everything goes right on the day:

They will coordinate the whole day with timelines, checklists and run sheets, ensuring everything runs seamlessly and addressing any last-minute hiccups along the way. The last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day is checking if the caterer has turned up or fixing a last-minute issue with the venue heating.

Having a wedding planner there on the day is a top priority to make sure you can relax, chill with a glass of bubbly and most important of all, enjoy your wedding day!

Looking to hire a wedding planner? I would love to discuss your wedding plans and see how I can help make your dreams a reality! Contact Me here to arrange a free consultation xx


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