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How to Plan a Destination Wedding - 9 Key Tips

There’s a lot to think about when planning your wedding & if your planning on getting married abroad there are a few more things to throw into the mix! The distances involved, the potential language & cultural barriers, not to mention time zone differences, can all make the planning a lot more complex & stress provoking.

Here are 9 top tips for planning your destination wedding, to make sure you’re well prepared, avoid any planning pitfalls & leave behind that extra stress & worry!

1. Choose your destination

The first step should be to choose your destination! Obvious I know, but this will inform all the decisions that you make & needs to be buttoned down to allow you to start organising & making plans & contacting the right people to help plan your awesome destination wedding.

2. Hire a wedding planner familiar with the local area

I would highly recommend hiring a local wedding planner if you are planning a wedding in another country. Not only will they keep you right when it comes to navigating the legalities of getting married abroad, they will also have contacts with local venues & suppliers & be able to recommend the perfect ones to fit with your wedding style & aesthetic.

All in, they will save you a heap of time, stress & anxiety 7 allow you & your guests to relax & enjoy your epic adventure & wedding day.

I specialise in destination wedding planning in Scotland & would love to find out more about your plans & how I can help make your destination wedding a reality. For more info check out my -Destination Wedding Planning Services

3. Set a budget

Setting a budget should be one of the first steps when your wedding as it will allow you to keep on track when choosing everything from the venue to the catering and guest favours. When planning a wedding abroad make sure you also take into consideration your travel and extra accommodation costs and also get your head round the local currency and exchange rates so that you know exactly how much everything costs and what you are actually spending.

4. Choose a date

When choosing the date for your wedding take into consideration the time of year & what the weather is typically like at your chosen destination. Will it be balmy & hot or is it likely to be cooler & potentially wet weather.

Each will bring with it different challenges that you need to be aware of & prepared for in terms of clothing, wedding location & potential back up plans e.g. alternative indoor ceremony location if its stormy weather or providing guests with wellies & umbrellas!

5. Research local marriage requirements

Make sure to look into what the legal requirements are for the country you are getting married in. Each will have different requirements relating to criteria & documentation & may require you to apply for a marriage visa in advance.

6. Organise your guest list

By their very nature, destination weddings tend to be smaller in numbers & this can take some of the pressure off when trying to narrow down the guest list. Organise your guest list well in advance & the advice would be to keep it to your nearest loved ones & closest friends, as they will most probably be purchasing the airfare to your destination location.

7. Send out invitations early

You will want to make sure that you send out invitations early, allowing your guests to plan time off work, save money towards their airfare & start planning their travel arrangements. Giving guests plenty of notice will hopefully allow as many of them to make it to your wedding as possible.

8. Budget for non-local vendors

If you are planning to bring any wedding vendors from home, such as the photographer or hair stylist, be prepared & budget for covering their travel & accommodation costs. Make sure you have agreed these costs in advance so there are no unexpected surprises!

9. Book accommodation

As many guests may be paying for their own airfare & accommodation costs it can be helpful to book a block of rooms in a local hotel & agree a group discount rate. This also means that everyone can stay in the same place & be close to friends & family.

I specialise in destination wedding planning in Scotland & would love to find out more about your plans & how I can help make your destination wedding a reality. Check out my -Destination Wedding Planning Services


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