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9 Ideas for Small Intimate Weddings

A small wedding typically has anywhere from 2 to 50 guests and is the perfect option if you are wanting a unique, relaxed and intimate wedding day where the focus in on spending time with your loved ones. You may have shrunk the guest list but there will still be lots of planning involved, details to be worked out and decisions to be made. Here are 9 ideas to consider for your small, intimate wedding.

1. Go for an alternative, quirky venue

Without the large guest list of a 100+ people to worry about, you are less restricted when trying to find a venue that can accommodate you. A smaller guest list can also open doors to some really alternative and quirky venues...if your open to thinking outside the box!

Ever wanted to get married in a treehouse or a lighthouse? Or perhaps a repurposed polytunnel or glasshouse is more your thing?

Though, just because you have a shorter guest list, doesn’t mean to say that you still can’t go for the grand country house you’ve always dreamed of. Just keep in mind how you will make the large rooms & spaces feel cosy and intimate with fewer guests and how this can be achieved with careful and clever styling and design.

2. Opt for a Destination Wedding

By their very nature destination weddings tend to have a much smaller guest list and can be an elopement for two or an intimate micro wedding with a handful of your nearest and dearest. Perhaps you have a favourite holiday spot that you know would be the perfect place to tie the knot. Or some far flung location that you’ve always wanted to visit and would make the ideal romantic wedding locale and honeymoon destination thrown in too!

3. Hire a food truck

Hiring a food truck can be a great alternative to a traditional caterer and adds a fun and quirky element to your wedding day. From artisan pizza trucks, to BBQ smokers, taco stands and waffle trucks, there are lots of fab options out there which are sure to delight you and your guests.

4. Go interactive

With a smaller group of guests it can be a great option to add some interactive elements to your day such as lawn games, giant boardgames or even funfair stands. Other ways to do this may be through ‘do it yourself’ food stations such as a DIY taco bar or build your own ice cream sundae stand.

5. Know what you need

You may have a smaller guest list but you will still need to hire in a range of different wedding vendors to deliver your day. From the caterer to the florist, to the photographer and stationer, make sure you know what you need well in advance. Make a list of all the different vendors that you will need and do your research into suppliers in your area that match your wedding style and theme. Wedding suppliers book up months if not years in advance so make sure you check their availability and get your date booked in their diary ASAP!

6. Only include what you want!

One of the great things about having a small wedding is that you have greater freedom to organise your day, your way and to include only the elements that are important to you. You don’t have to stick to the traditional wedding day timeline and you can make it as relaxed as you want!

7. Focus on whats important to you

For many couples having a smaller wedding is an opportunity to spend their money on those areas that are the most important to them and to really focus on their guest experience. Perhaps it’s that couture gown you’ve always dreamed of, a sumptuous table banquet, personalised gifts or treating your guests to a full weekend wedding celebration.

8. Rent an Airbnb

Renting an Airbnb for your wedding can be a great alternative idea for a small wedding venue, with some really amazing properties out there to choose from. Depending on the size of your guest list it can also be an opportunity to have all your guests stay at the same place and make it a weekend long celebration!

If this sounds right up your street then check out my blog ‘How to Plan an Airbnb Wedding’.

9. Get creative with your seating plan

With smaller numbers there is the opportunity to get creative with your seating plan. Perhaps arranging your ceremony seating in a circle or creating a spiral shaped aisle for you to walk down.

If a small intimate wedding in Scotland sounds right up your street you can find out more about my planning services here.


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